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dr. stone \( ˙▿˙ )/\( ˙▿˙ )/

more than one friend recommended this and I had a ton of fun. I watched the whole thing and then read all of the manga. actually, this is probably one of the few times I've seen the anime execute the story a little better - probably because it really helps to see all the inventions in motion. truly so stupid but compelling as hell. and I genuinely learned a lot, which is more than I can say for most shonen anime.
there is so much crazy shit in this anime I could talk about. I do like that among all the absurdity there is a real commitment to showing how much manual labor goes into anything senku creates. it makes you appreciate modern inventions you take for granted, which I'm sure is the intention. pleasantly surprised to see that the indian character was unique and fairly well fleshed out. such a cute design too, with that distinctive desi hair!
of all the beefs I could pick though, here's the one still driving me nuts: you expect me to believe they're going to cross the ocean living only on rations of fruitcake and preserved fatty boar meat??? I am praying for their poops

when women were dragons by kelly barnhill o(>< )o

my god was this book a slog LMAO. I read it because a friend loved it but idk man. a while ago I read barnhill's book for younger readers and thought that was pretty good - not really the kind of storytelling I like, but it wasn't hard to keep reading. when women were dragons truly fought me the entire way. that makes it sound like I disliked it because it's for adults, but I read quite a lot of contemporary adult fiction. the problem with this book is that it's repetitive, unsubtle, overly verbose, confused in its message, and deliberately obtuse about some of its feminist politics. I also felt like the tone was a little inconsistent. it's set in the 50's but the main characters talk to each other like modern teenagers. I only finished it because I have a policy that I can't judge something unless I fully understand it. for that reason, I read all the fifty shades of grey books and then felt true satisfaction in being a hater.
ANYWAY this story might have been excellent if was edited down to like, a sixth of its length. also, why the fuck did the dragons wear lipstick and carry purses?? i'm sure it was meant to be a "I wear make-up for myself" kind of deal but doesn't it totally diminish the idea that "dragoning" is about freeing oneself from the shackles of society and existing outside the bounds of the body you were born into??? smdh

The Godfather (・w<)☆

yeah, surprisingly I've only ever seen the godfather in snippets while surfing channels. it came up on new year's eve for some reason so me and my parents watched it together. I'm not about to write an in-depth analysis of the godfather on my pink baby blog, but suffice to say it's the kind of movie that makes you feel proud of yourself after watching it - like your time was enriched, not just taken from you. it was like watching beautiful clockwork move. A very nourishing piece of art. My dad was cutely excited for me to watch his favorite scenes so I was especially happy to have seen it with him.
honestly, I feel lucky to have been able to see this movie for the first time even though it's been decades since it came out. al pacino was simply gorgeous... those big dark eyes...