Published June 2022, out from Algonquin Young Readers.

From Kirkus Reviews: "Enrolling at the Art Farm should have been fun, but Jade's best friend, Phoebe, has just attempted suicide; the residency is more intense and competitive than she had imagined; and she's feeling lost among the creative, inspired residents. Yet the summer is full of promise, beauty, and friendship - especially the possibility of romance with the absolutely lovely and whimsical Mary - even as it comes with a side of guilt for Jade as she thinks about Phoebe. When pushed to consider her creative process, Jade turns clay and inner turmoil into ceramic monsters, which in turn change form, springing to life from the kiln. The color palette shifts from monochrome to sepia as Jade finds herself missing Phoebe and starts rationalizing her newfound feelings through imaginary conversations with her friend. Splashes of fabulism are seamlessly incorporated through illustrations and text to celebrate art - its purpose and technique and powers to heal, disrupt, and inspire - all without being sentimental. Slip is liquefied clay that's used to attach and protect pottery, and it serves as a metaphor running through the work about transformation, fragility, and bonding... A fierce, transformative graphic novel about art and relationships."

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Check Your Texts

Pub date TBD, from Random House Graphics.

A story about grief, closure, friendship, trees, magic, and eating french fries.